One day in Budapest

I only had one free day to visit Budapest so I tried to make the most of it to see as much as I can. Budapest is a very nice city, you can reach every building or spot you would like to see by foot. Even the underground is very cheap it is so much better to walk! Explore every little alley in Budapest and follow my tour in one day!

Central market hall


The enormous indoor market, near the liberty bridge, offers everything the heart could wish for.. or better: everything the tummy could wish for! Locals sell vegetable, fruit, fish, meat, self made pies, marmalades and so much more. In the upper ground visitors find small food stalls, clothes, small presents and souvenirs.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 6am – 5pm, Saturday 6am – 3 pm

View from Geleert Hill and Statue


Gellert Hill is an 235m high overlooking hill in Budapest. You have an amazing view over the whole city once you have made your way up there. You can easily climb the hill by foot. It is about 30 minutes walk to get to the top.

Buda Castle


This place is the historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest.   It is also known for its historical museums. The castle sits on the tip of Castle Hill. You can easily walk up there. The front of it looks absolutely amazing. Just sit down in the beautiful gardens with it’s various flowers in spring and summer time. (Unfortunately I was there in January, so the flower- bed was all bare)

St. Stephen’s Basilica


The basilica is worth a visit. It is one of the oldest buildings in Budapest. The public square in front of the monument is often crowded. Find yourself a place to sit down and enjoy the view of people wondering around, street performers performing in front of the basilica and listen to tour guides who will tell you all about the exciting past of this monument. Stroll around the small alleys around the St. Stephen’s basilica. I absolutely adored the little shops which sell so nice and beautiful souvenirs. I bought myself a painting from an unknown artist. His work is so precise with so much attention on detail.

Matthias Church


Get inspired by the graceful architecture of this beautiful church. The white walls and the colorful roof impresses thousands of tourists every year. After you had a proper look from the outside go into the church. Entering inside the church you will experience one of the most welcoming combinations of warm lights, shadows and colours with orange, brown, golden hewed frescos reaching from floor to ceiling and beautiful stain glass windows. Stunning wall paintings in combination with the sun shining inside will leave you speechless.

What are your highlights in Budapest? Let me know as a comment below, I always love to get new tipps and ideas for my next trip 🙂

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