My first tattoo

Have you been dreaming of your first own tattoo for a long time now? Well yes, I was quite the same. I admired other people having pretty tattoos that make them unique and inspiring. Tattoos always have a hidden story, a beautiful meaning and can express so many feelings, I just totally love that. I was so up for my first tattoo but I am also so scared of needles and the pain, just because I always faint at the doctors whenever I get an injection. 😮 Well these are not the best conditions for getting yourself tattooed but I wanted it so badly so I convinced myself to be strong. I went to see a tattoo artist who is known for his experience and who was recommended to me by some friends. When I first got there I was impressed how many tattoos he actually had on himself! I talked to a very kind girl who works at this place about how to bear the pain, about the right treatment and so on. She told me that she’s also scared of needles but getting a tattoo is so different, she said. We sat down to discuss what motif I fancy. I explained I would love to have a feather with the initals of my mom, dad and brother to get a personal reference. I always dreamt of a tattoo on my right side rib. It is known as one of the most painful parts on your body for tattoos but I tried not to think about it.

Just a few months later I had my appointment. I was so nervous the whole morning I couldn’t even eat that much for breakfast. One of my closest friends drove me to the studio. The tattoo artist showed me his design and I was absolutely amazed of it. I had to take my bra off, because i got my tattoo right at the part where the bra strips are. But I didn’t feel uncomfortable as I got some pads to cover up my front. He then cleaned the area with desinfectant gel and shaved all the small hair bits off. Then he stuck the motif on my skin so i could have a proper look on how my tattoo will look like on me. I was happy about it and then we started. I lay down and breathed consistently just to relax a bit. I must admit…. getting a tattoo is so painful 😣 ..well for me it was! A friend of mine doesn’t even feel much pain, but I did. I was trying to relax, looked around the room and tried to think of other things. After an hour of torture the tattoo artist was finished! I was so released the moment he put down the needle! 😂

The wound was bleeding a bit and swolen but I was ok as he gave me some lotion over it and then wrapped it into clingfilm. He then explained me how to take care of the tattoo in the next few days/weeks. This is the most important phase… taking care and treating your new tattoo right. A bad treated tattoo will form scars and the colour will start to fade.

I love my tattoo every day I look at it and it was definitely worth the pain! People say you have to admire your motif for more than one year, if you still want it so badly after such a long time you will love it in years too. Think of the motif you would like to have and maybe think of a little story behind your tattoo. It makes it much more personal and makes you feel so immensely proud as well. For some tattoo inspirations click here, this is my favourite list of tattoos.


If you have any questions about my experience with my first tattoo let me know!


2 Kommentare zu „My first tattoo“

  1. Congratulations on your first tattoo! I can guarantee you there will be more in your future.

    Yes, tattoos hurt but you sure picked an incredibly painful spot for your first! If you can handle that you can handle just about anything. I have six tattoos myself (none on the side yet – I’ll probably be getting a side piece soon though) and am always looking for more.

    If you’re interested, I have a page dedicated to my tattoos as well as some product suggestions to make your next one easier. I’m all about helping out and encouraging new ink enthusiasts. I’m not an artist but just an average guy who is passionate about tattoos and tattoo culture.

    Again, congratulations and here’s to many more!
    -Lynn Blair, „The Inked Autist“

    Gefällt mir

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